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Dero Bowman


Date of Birth:
October 13, 1973

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Work Experience:
I am an architectural / interior designer with nearly 10 years of experience in that career in Vancouver, Canada and in Kobe, Japan. Most of my experience has been using AutoCAD to do concept design and space planning for banks, supermarkets, hospitals and offices.

I have also been teaching English for over 10 years in Japan (Osaka, Kobe, Nishinomiya and Ashiya). My experience has been teaching children computers in English, teaching at Jr high school and university using Moodle & Powerpoint, teaching design English, business English, travel English and even karaoke English!

I look forward to helping others using the skills I have aquired during my two careers here in Japan.

BCIT - Vancouver
from 1995 to 2003
Studied in the evenings, worked full-time during the days.
Additional Information
- Japanese Permanent Resident Visa - Japanese Drivers' License - Japanese Motorcyle License (<400cc) - Japanese Forklift License - IKEA Children's School License
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